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Your work at American Data & Voice Solutions means that we now produce 65 less checks per month to pay our telecom and data network bills. We are also saving tens of thousands of dollars annually.  Your companyís continuous contact, quick response during outages and one phone call philosophy is a refreshing change in todayís business world. Thank you for allowing us to concentrate on growing our orthopaedic practice and look forward to continuing our relationship.
--Dennis Viellieu, CEO, Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush

We have renegotiated our Ameritech contracts annually and always been able to reduce our rates year after year. With the new 2003 contract in hand we were a bit skeptical that you could acquire better rates.  Terry, I am happy to report that not only did American Data & Voice get us better rates, we also donít have the headache of dealing with the service department on issues since you take care of this for us.  The 38% savings on both local and long distance is just one more reason I enthusiastically promote your services to anyone who asks.
--Jim OíHara, CFO, Kottke & Associates

Terry and Pete, it all started in 2002 with your comprehensive audit of our communications vendors.  Since then your work on our local and long distance service, private data network and Internet access is saving us over $11,500 annually.  Now that certain Ameritech contracts are due we will end up saving an additional $12,000 per year.  To top it off, we always have fun working with American Data & Voice Solutions. Thank you so much for straightening out a complex, expensive situation and we will continue to work with you for years to come.
--Steve Maloney, Treasurer, Kroeschell Engineering

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