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After years of dialing into the Internet it is so much more productive to finally be able to run a T1 into our Gary Indiana location.  The previous quotes we received for a T1 to the Internet were ridiculously expensive and with American Data & Voice’s assistance we finally have reasonably priced fast Internet access. The connecting of our other locations through your VPN vendor has increased productivity for all of our employees.  Thanks for sticking with the headaches of an SBC installation and for always having thoughtful solutions to our network needs.
--Rich Vegter, President, Service Sanitation

Pete, as you know, Ragnar Benson started a separate division several years ago. My responsibility is to run a profitable office and although we are fairly small, our local and long distance bills seemed a bit high.  Little did we realize that we were overpaying by almost $1,400 per year. Thanks for the persistence and we are very happy with the service and the savings.
--Chris Weybright, Operations Manager, Facility Improvement Team, a division of Ragnar Benson.

Terry, the work you, American Data & Voice, and Multiple Wireless Solutions completed for McHugh construction has been outstanding.  The bill analysis and rate plan changes you recommended to us saved us in excess of $65,000 the first year.  We knew you were going to save us some money but we never thought it would approach the actual savings.  Thanks for the great ongoing customer service including the monthly rate plan updates.
--Lisa Grant, Operations Manager, James McHugh Construction

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