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Starting in 1996 we began a relationship with the predecessor to American Data & Voice.  Since then we have managed to lower our local and long distance pricing, track over 150 yellow page ads and saved countless thousands of dollars in wasted marketing.  Now with one phone call you set up our 2nd location with service including new telephone hardware.  Thank you Pete for giving me more time to run my business during the day and also for the confidence to make good marketing decisions based on solid data.
--Bob Cole, President, North Shore Towing & Auto Recycling

What started out as a dream finally became a reality in early 2004 with the implementation of our new VoIP network.  From assisting us in writing the initial RFP to comparing hardware vendors to delivering network service pricing to handling our day to day SBC service issues, American Data & Voice has worked closely with us as our outsourced telecom department.  The money savings are great but the time savings are fantastic.  Knowing the industry truth as we grow our business has allowed us to choose our vendors wisely and carefully. Thanks for all of your help.
--Kent Worrell, IT Director, Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush

Bryan and Peter, I can’t believe how easily the DSL was installed and configured including the service showing up just one week after we placed the order. To find out that we can save our pediatric practice over $7,000 annually just in local and long distance service leaves me with just one question, “Why didn’t you stop in a year or two ago?”  Thanks for the help, the easy to understand inventory and the clear explanation of our services.
--Laura Humbert, Office Manager, Arlington Pediatric Therapy

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